What’s Wrong With FSU?

The Florida State Seminoles are now 1-2 after losing to Syracuse 30-7. After just 3 games things aren’t looking good for new head coach Willie Taggart. There was a lot of excitement around Taggart becoming the new head coach for the Seminoles not only because he himself is a Florida State alum but because of his time at the University of Oregon as head coach and the offense was one of the most exciting to watch in college football. That’s not the case so much as of now for Taggart and the Seminoles and the big question is why.

In the game against Syracuse the offense just couldn’t get going, the Seminoles were held scoreless until the 4th quarter but by that time the game was way past over. In these first 3 games of the season the team as a whole has not been able to put together a full games. In the first game against Virginia Tech the defense played well and kept the team in the game but the offense just couldn’t take advantage of the situation. In the second game against Samford, a game in which FSU should have walked have dominated, the defense played very lazy which put them behind early and the offense had to work harder than they should have against a school like Samford but they came away with the win. In the most recent game against Syracuse the team just looked bad. Neither the defense or the offense looked like they where ready to play. So the question has to be asked, what is wrong with the Seminoles?

The main issue with this team is the offensive line. This has been a issue for the Seminoles for the last few years. Even under Jimbo Fisher the Seminoles could never really put together a strong offensive for their last 3 starting QBs going back to Jameis Winston and the National Championship team. When current starting QB DeOndre Francois has the time to make the throw the offense moves down field with ease and that can be seen in the first 2 games this year. In the Syracuse game Francois was under constant pressure to the point where he was bracing for hits that weren’t coming.

The recruitment of offensive lineman is going to have to be at the top of the list for Coach Taggart if he wants to see the full potential of his offense. If the offensive play can improve to the point where Francois feels comfortable and isn’t skittish, than this Seminoles team could still find themselves in a bowl game at the end of the year.

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